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Jan 31, 2006
  1. I'm looking for a good wireless keyboard, preferrebly RF since IR is too expensive....range of sub-$50 is good for me. I have tried microsoft and logitech systems but everytime my phone rings some buttons seem to press themselves...any suggestions for a good keyboard?
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    I seldom endorse anything by M$, but I have a wireless natural multimedia that I've used for a year with lotsa potential troublemakers (cell phones, wireless phones, microwaves, etc.) nearby, with no problems to date. This one was plus $50, but there are other incarnations with the same technology for $30.

    Guess this no help, since you've apparently tried 'em, but it w :wave: orks good.

    My mom uses a Logitech MX500 that I got on sale at $29.95- it also works in the same environment, without any problems. I'd recommend it, too.
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    Upgrade to wireless desktop

    I've spent a day browsing trying to decide what to buy to upgrade my present set up:Trust Silverline easy Scroll keyboard and Logitech MX500 wired mouse. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything out there which seems attractive enough. I thought about the Logitech mx5000 laser desktop but there are quite a few people posting that it has problems with lag and volume control. I also liked the look of the Cherry M85-20850GB with its mouse charging unit until I realised how truncated the keyboard width is.

    The manufacturers have lots on offer but I am going to wait for better products. I want Office hot keys as well as surfing and basic media functions.
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    logitech: go bluetooth. never fails, compatible with any other bluetooth enabled devices (bonus) nothing else effects it, not even with a wifi usb, mobile phone and chordless telephone 1cm away from it. at the same time of course :D.. plus you get at least 10m from home base unit.. some of the ones from logitech comes with mouse hub/charger
  5. Didou

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    I can only second that as I have one myself & I still can't understand how many bugs Logitech was willing to overlook when releasing this combo. When you look at the price tag, the disappointment & bitterness only get bigger.
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