Best xbox split screen games?

By Ural_ ยท 6 replies
Mar 29, 2006
  1. Can everyone please suggest some good xbox splitscreen games. FPS I prefer, other genres I dont mind.
  2. detrunks

    detrunks TS Enthusiast Posts: 153

    split screen no fun

    Most ppl get the xbox to go on Live. However, all (i'm pretty sure) Live games will have the multiplayer option on split screen. The most popular is obviously Halo 2. The Rainbow 6 and Splinter Cell 2 & 3 series have excellant games. Racing game could be Burnout or PGR2. Arcade game would have to be Super Monkey Balls Delux :bounce:
  3. Ural_

    Ural_ TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 96

    Id prefer halo 2 aswell, splinter cell 3 I have and the multiplayer isnt very good
    Thanks 4 the reply
  4. sjps220

    sjps220 TS Rookie Posts: 106

    yeah the halos are great. both original and 2. Timesplitters 2 can be a lot of fun because of all the game types and the bots that you can add. I played a lot of sports games with friends and some of my favorites on xbox are espn nhl 2k5 and 2k6. If you aren't serious about hockey but want a good night of multiplayer gaming, hitz is a lot of fun.
  5. Akio

    Akio TS Rookie Posts: 249

    I thought you can only play the Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Multi-Player through XBox Live! Or can you also play it on system link? Aside from that, I'd recommend Ghost Recon 2: Summit Assault for a good Multi-Player game. In comparison though, Ghost Recon's movement is a lot different. As in more realistic, and you actually have to use some sort of tactics in the game in order to survive. If you hate those types of games, then I take back my recommendation!
  6. astoriaandme

    astoriaandme TS Rookie

    Besides racing games, Halo 2 is the only game that I'v ever actually been able to get into on 2 screens. 1 is better, but 2 is still fun.
  7. Ural_

    Ural_ TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 96

    I have ghost recon 2 aswell its a good multiplayer game but lacks different maps and lacks badly on graphics, if there wont those probs it wouldve been good game i reckon, halo 2 is even good with 4 screens (played wit friends) Halo 2 i fink i might get in a week but i wanna know if there are anymor great multiplayer gamez
    thx 4 da replies
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