Bethesda at E3: new games, Fallout 76 battle royale, and much more


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Fallout 76

Almost everything Bethesda said wouldn’t happen is about to happen. Coming in Spring, a free Wastelander update is introducing NPCs with dialogue trees, a new main quest and a 52-player Nuclear Winter battle royale mode. If that sounds appealing, you’ll be able to play the current version of the game plus the battle royale while the game is free from June 10-17.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal now has a release date: November 22. Judging by two new trailers, it appears to be adding a lot to the franchise, including a 2 v 1 mode, in which two players are demons and one is a slayer, and the option to slaughter things in heaven in addition to hell.


Deathloop is a new combat-heavy title from Arkane Lyon, the creator of Dishonored. Arkane promises to let players play the way they want to play, just like in Dishonored, but that strategy will take on new meaning when combined with the game’s time loop mechanic. It looks compelling, both from a visual and story standpoint.

Ghostwire: Tokyo

From Tango Gameworks, the creators of The Evil Within 1 & 2, Ghostwire: Tokyo is a new title set in a dystopian Tokyo where people are mysteriously disappearing from the streets. The protagonist must use their supernatural abilities to hunt down and “kill the unknown.” Apparently, it will be a new type of game, not simple survival horror (despite what the trailer might suggest) nor pure adventure, but a mixture.


Bethesda has filled us in on the details of two new Nazi-hunting titles, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot and Wolfenstein: Young Blood. The former is a VR title, where the player takes on the role of a hacker working for the French resistance, coming out sometime in July. Young Blood is a co-op shooter where players take control of B.J. Blazcowicz’s twin daughters, Jess and Sophie, as they search for him in 1980s Paris. It’ll arrive on July 26.

The Elder Scrolls

Despite the disappointing fans with not a drop of information about TES VI, Bethesda was eager to share news about their other titles in the series. The Elder Scrolls: Blades is coming to Switch, free and with cross-progression and cross-play with the mobile version. There’s also a cool option to use the Joy-cons motion sensors to trigger combat actions. A new update coming shortly will also introduce a “new dragon questline.” The Elder Scrolls: Legends, meanwhile, is getting a Scalebreaker DLC filled with standard dungeon stuff, and The Elder Scrolls: Online will get the Moons of Elsweyr expansion on June 27.

Rage 2

Rage 2 will get an exciting Rise of the Ghost expansion later this year, with new vehicles, weapons, areas, modes, story, cheats, etc. It looks pretty exciting, though Bethesda is light on details at this point in time.

Commander Keen

Bethesda is delving back into the mobile world with a refresh of the classic side scroller Commander Keen. It’ll be a free, modern take on the side scroller with puzzle and pattern-based mechanics. It’ll soft launch this winter.

Project Orion

This one isn’t a game, but rather a new technology. Designed to be integrated into game engines by developers, it makes games easier to stream by reducing the required bandwidth by 40%, the encoding time by 30% and the computing power by 20%. In theory, this would decrease the bandwidth requirements and improve latency, two of game streaming’s biggest issues right now. The tech is platform agnostic, meaning it should work on Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s xCloud with very little work from either company. Bethesda has already integrated it into Doom, which they showed running on a smartphone in a live demo. You’ll be able to test Orion in Doom yourself later this year if you sign up for Bethesda’s Doom Slayers Club.

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Uncle Al

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Looks like they took a page out of our favorite politician's playbook with the theme "Bethesda had learned their lessons, and after acknowledging their failures with Fallout 76" and yet, not unsurpriseingly, they did nothing to fix 76 or introduce a single player version. Instead they want us to trust them and spend MORE money on new games without fixing the old ones ...... NO SALE!
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I can fix all games with 1 simple step. But it won't happen.

Go back to basics and stop thinking about the money and focus more on the story telling.

Like CoD it went from some brilliant thing to some money grab every year with the same crap.

I think they might be trying to go back to basics with the new Modern Warfare. I stopped playing after MW3 and then came back briefly for WW2 but all the futuristic crap is annoying and quite like fortnite.

This new game has potential and all game series can learn from that. Stop money grabbing and start to produce something worth buying. That's how you bring in the $$$. GTA Does that, they produce a product only every so often and it is a great game, until they introduced the money grabbing of Online. Red Dead is an example of that. RDR1 best online experience and it worked. RDR2, just came out of beta, and all about money grabbing, makes for a terrible experience.

If only the corporate heads to stick their heads out of their cash pile and listen to the consumers for once and realise that what they are pulling will only work for so long. The kids will grow up, realise what crap it is and won't let their kids play it until reviews have come out. Stop the pre-order crap until everyone knows it's a working game and worth the money.