Bethesda has a Doom 3 PlayStation VR port ready for a March 29 release

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Editor's take: I was playing Doom 3 just the other day as I was waiting for Eternal to download and noticed how dated it looked compared to the more recent Doom remake. Not a surprise considering the 12 year age gap. Although it offers a different Doom experience, it is still fun but could use a refresh.

Bethesda and id Software dropped a teaser trailer today (below) announcing that Doom 3 is coming to PlayStation VR. It is not radically different from the original game but does sport new textures and sounds. The hud and a few other gameplay aspects were also tweaked to accommodate the PSVR platform. It includes the Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission DLC, which adds 20 more levels of demon-slaying to make it even more enticing.

This is not the first time Doom has gotten the VR treatment. Team Beef recently ported Doom 3 to the Oculus Quest. However, that version is unsanctioned by id Software and does not include the DLC or the refreshed sound and visuals.

Doom 3 has pacing that is more akin to survival horror than the frantic run-and-gun action typical of the Doom franchise. This slower pace with a heavier focus on exploration seems a better fit for VR, especially where motion sickness is concerned.

Doom 3 VR Edition for the PSVR hits the PlayStation Store on March 29. Bethesda did not reveal pricing, but since we are so close to release, it is reasonable to expect to see a product or pre-order page in the coming days.

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The Quest port is amazing, runs very well on the Quest 2. Tbf although this PSVR port sounds promising, the controllers, the tracking and resolution of the headset let it down, still a decent entry in main stream VR gaming though.

Cal Jeffrey

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I'm kinda glad to see I'm not alone in really liking Doom 3. I thought it was the best in the series, and while I do like some of the elements brought to Doom remake and Eternal like making the highly OP chainsaw more balanced with limited fuel, I still love the atmosphere and slower gameplay in Doom 3. Maybe not for everybody, but I sure liked it. The VR Edition is definitely a day one buy for me.

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Doom 2016 and Eternal are very good games, but 3 is still so much better.
I liked all the Doom games so far. 3 was horrifying at its time and I couldn't stop playing with it. 2016 and Eternal have become even better imo, especially in terms of responsiveness of the engine and the music was just a blast. Getting back to Doom 3 after Eternal felt very weird, it seemed very laggy and unresponsive compared to Eternal.


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That was a bad game when released, it also a bad vr game now. Play half-life alyx...
it is the only doom game I never finish. say doom ethernal and now you talk about something. ...