Big Problem. Please Help!

By Shobe
Feb 11, 2005
  1. Ok here is the problem here. My friend has a computer with Windows 98, 4GB hard drive, 256Mb of memory. Ok here is the story. He asked me to come over and "clean up" his computer. So I uninstalled what he didn't want or need. Removed all spyware, upon rebooting after removing spyware I got a message that said "windows is missing a .dll file, please reinstall windows". My question is now that I have to redo his whole computer, he just wants to get a new one. However, how do I get all his files/programs from his old drive and transfer it to a his new built computer??? Please help, I feel like an ***** here!

    P.S. Is there anyway around reinstalling windows??
  2. mdkoh

    mdkoh TS Rookie

    Ways To Get There

    The best way is to set up a master / slave configuration using the old drive as a slave. You can access all your files and have extra drive space to boot.

    What did you build for him?
  3. Shobe

    Shobe TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm not building it, a computer shop is. But see he wants to retrieve his data,programs & files from the old hard drive and transfer them to his new built computer. I feel like such an *****.
  4. mdkoh

    mdkoh TS Rookie

    Dont Feel That Way!!

    The computer shop should be able to do that for you. Just have them setup the old drive as a slave to the new drive. Games should run but I know there are some that do not. That is hit and miss, player info can be removed from the old drive files and inserted in the new if need be. Good luck on this project. Sorry I'm not there, I usually do that kind of work for free. Just a thought but if you can get the older computer to go to the desktop you can just reinstall 98 without losing any files. It will reload and everything should be hunky dorie!
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