"Biggest ever" review finds no link between cell phones and health

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Apr 27, 2012
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  1. It seems like every few months, new research surfaces which either validates or invalidates links to cell phone radiation and human health. So, what's the truth -- the real truth?...

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  2. Another thing I would like to add is the ever present background microwave radiation(or any electromagnetic radiation in general) We have already been exposed to these microwaves since our existence. If they're going to ever damage us in any meaningful way we would have noticed. PS: Not any microwaves can boil water, it has to be of a very precise resonant frequency, as in you don't reach it by accident.
  3. Who paid for this,Verizon, Att, Sprint,, Motorola, Htc,Lg, Sony, Nokia, who? cui bono.
  4. gwailo247

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    " the study points out that we really still don't know much about cell phones beyond 15 years of use."

    That's really all that has to be said about the issue.

    I don't care about FUD, this is science. Absence of evidence of harm =/= something is safe. This is why research is done by scientists, not executives.

    Kids are sitting there attached to cell phones for hours a day. It takes decades to see the onset of dementia, alzheimers, and pretty much most other diseases affecting the brain. If constant cell phone use while young causes, lets say, onset of alzheimer's in predisposed people by a decade, so lets say you start forgetting stuff at 40, rather than 50, that's kinda a big deal, and we wouldn't find out about this possibility for another 30 years. Fact is that cell phone use increases glucose use in the brain. That does not happen when the variable of the cell phone is removed. Just because scientists don't know what the increased glucose use means, again =/= phones are safe.
  5. cliffordcooley

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    ^^^ What he said.
  6. Glucose Use = More Energy being used = more thinking done.
    Writing has the same effect, henceforth your evidence is I have to say, in the context of cellphone usage is irrelevant.
  7. yRaz

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    Anyone who thinks cell phones cause cancer is retarded. It's the same as people thinking vaccines cause autism. Out of all the things that are so obviously bad for you, people pick this one? with smart phones people now hold them in their hands more often then on their ear. And what about the place in your pocket where you keep it, wouldn't that have a tumor shaped like a cell phone there? The clam was made in 1993 by someone name David Reynard who said a girl with brain cancer had a tumor shaped like her phone. That guy was an *****, how this got so much attention I have no idea. The gene pool needs chlorine, lots of it.

    On a side note, get your kids vaccinated. I will not have some stupid parent put my kids at risk because they're too stupid to do the right thing.
  8. shl0791

    shl0791 TS Rookie

    of course there are "health consequences"... haven't we seen videos of people falling into man construction holes, walking into poles, tripping over things, etc... yes. Many injuries arise from using cell phones.
  9. Article tries to tell, that radiation has no effect on health. :)

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