.bin files in CONTENT.IE5 folder

By muso147
Mar 14, 2006
  1. Hi,

    Wonder if anybody can assist? I share my computer and a couple of weeks back noticed that the temporary internet files had been deleted. I decided to look at the temporary internet folder\CONTENT.IE5 in the temp folder and the four folders contained there (one is called OLQJOPJH for example) contained several .bin files and a couple of files (I can't remember what extension they had- .sh maybe) that had been created at the same time that the temporary internet files had been deleted. When I clicked on one of the files a window was opened to a server that listed hundreds of urls (of what looked like the sites my computer had been on). Another person was on my machine the other day and once again deleted all the temporary internet files, but the files that created the listing of urls have now gone (though there are even more .bin files). Are these normally in the content.ie5 folder? (MSN is used a lot on the machine) there are also .gif and .asmx files created at the same time and files with .0 extensions.


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