bios password for inspiron 7000

By user1
Oct 3, 2005
  1. hello, i just bought a Dell Inspiron 7000 off of eBay and it is asking me for a bios password. contacted seller and didn't get any response.... any help would greatly be appreciated. thanks in advance!
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    two ways, and ONLY two ways to get the password. The first is to call Dell. You will have to varify all the info that is on record there. That is sometimes impossible when you buy a second or third hand system. I'd suggest attempting to do a change of ownership at before calling. This way, if the change goes through, you will be able to varify without a problem. The support tech will then ask for the system ID(this will be a string of characters which will include the service tag and some other info) He/she will then contact an internal team which will get THE(there is only one for each system) master password for your system. Tech support is required by policy to varify all this before they are even allowed to get the PW, this isn't being mean, its because of security purposes. BTW, pray that the former owner of your system wasn't someone from a high profile corporation. Many of those companies have exceptions on their accounts that prevent giving out master passwords.

    The second way is to replace the mobo. Since the BIOS is a chip on the motherboard, it has to be replaced if you can't get a master password to reset that one. There is no other option, you can't flash the BIOS as others have suggested because it will ask for the pw before allowing you to do it. I've also seem some morons suggest doing a debug, this also won't work because that only wipes the HDD, doesn't touch the BIOS.

    I wish I could be of more help, but your best bet is to hope you have enough info about the former owner to be able to either varify everything(company/name, contact name, phone, address) or have enough info to do a transfer first.

    BTW, this is a favorite trick people like to play when they sell their comp on ebay, they love to put a BIOS password on them. I guess it gives them a cheap laugh.
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