Blank Computer Resources window on W XP after software conflict.

By foofer
Dec 15, 2007
  1. I have W XP Home on my machine and was busy using DVD shrink to prepare burning a movie onto disk . On the last step of the process when the program accesses the DVD R/WR drive to do the burning a message came up saying that the drive was being accessed by some other application , unfortunately I didn't take note of the application mentioned .
    I closed DVD Shrink down and wanted to go and find where the program had saved the image possibly on C:, but from this point onwards was not able to do so as the computer resources window opens but is blank inside . There is simply the image of the hour glass and no sign of any of the hard drives or DVD players etc.
    I have tried to do a registry restore from a few days back but does not help , at this point i'm not certain whether something is corrupt or whether it's a Virus ? All other programs as well as access to Network resources work fine.

    Can sombody out there point me in some kind of direction .

    Regards to all on Techspot
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