Blaster virus back?

By rocye
Jan 23, 2010
  1. Hi to all! Newbie here.
    A friend of mine is runnign XP on a PC. Last week he went around clicking on used car sites and ended up with a problem...
    NT Authority is shutting down the system in 60 seconds....
    From what i read here on the forum, this was a big issue back in 2003 & 2004.
    It seems that it was a hit-or-miss as to who was able to get rid of it and who could not.
    Well, it seems to be back. He was getting the shutdown every 15 minutes.
    It also successfully turned Avira AV OFF and deleted the registration so it could not update.
    i did the following (got all this from posts on this forum from 2003:
    Disconected from Internet
    Went into Admin Tools and set Services - Recovery - 'Take No Action' on all
    Turned System Restore OFF
    Emptied Recycle Bin
    Emptied PreFetch folder
    Checked Processes for Blaster (or variations) - None Found
    Checked Registry for Windows AutoUpdate entries in MS\Current Version]Run - None Found
    Attempted to load MS Patch (from 2003). System rejected install based on a newer version already present
    Ran Avira System Scan - Removed 8 Trojans
    Ran AdAware - current Version---Clean
    Restarted Computer
    Turned System Restore ON
    Connected to Internet
    Updated Windows - No updates required
    Updated Avira A/V
    Pop-Up for NT Authority came on.
    Executed START - RUN - "shutdown -a" to stop shutdown
    Ran Avira full system scan - Clean
    Ran AdAware - Clean

    The only thing I did not do is turn the Recovery settings back to normal. Just forgot.

    Can anyone shed any light on what I might try next? Has anyone encountered this issue again? I don't know what else to do.
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    Ummm.... "Follow the instructions carefully?"

    But the combofix "instructions" clearly state
    And, equal if not more important, they also state
    So how does one point someone to it (let alone a newbie?) and tell them to use it and they're on your own?

    /* edit */
    just trying to say, i don't think this is a good "standalone" link to pass along...
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