Blizzard, it's time to take Warcraft back to its RTS roots


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Blizzard gave Warcraft fans one hell of a nostalgia trip last month when it debuted the cinematic trailer for Warlords of Draenor. But much like the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion that Blizzard was teasing, the video only took gamers...

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Taking Warcraft to its roots means letting players focus on just the game strategy and throwing away the modern social network BS and fancy effects.
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I get the feeling that if you're idly watching to see who's HP goes down the fastest you totally missed the point of Warcraft?
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Peter Farkas

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I loved all the Warcraft RTS games, played them over and over again many times. I did the same with all the SC and SC 2 titles and I spend most of time with SC2 online nowdays.
I have been waiting for a new Warcraft RTS title for long years but I think WOW just destroyed that with it's success.
I wish Blizz would hire a smaller, cheaper team of developers who would only be working on the remakes of these old titles on their newest engines. I would buy all of these remakes without a doubt. And I am just talking about a graphical improvement here, not touching anything else in the game. Not like those crappy remakes of XCOM: UFO Defense that made us all cry and forced us to play the original with Dosbox until the latest came out which is actually a very good game.



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I think most of us are waiting for WORLD of Warcraft to get back to its roots (actual incentive for partying other than raids, depth in character growth and gameplay, actual skill required to excel at a class, etc). Sadly, its becoming fairly obvious that WoW is being dumbed down for consoles and mobile devices. Hopefully "Titan" will bring back some of the real feelings of accomplishment and comradeship we once enjoyed.


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As an original Warcraft gamer and then World of Warcraft gamer, I think I can speak for a lot of people when saying that even though bringing back the RTS Warcraft would be nice, blizzard isn't focused on it and they won't be for a while. Many would argue that Blizzard already has a RTS series (Starcraft), which is wildly popular and highly competitive, so bringing back another RTS (Warcraft) is something that Blizzard doesn't need to devote staff and resources to work on. Now, this argument is true is some ways but is also wrong in others. It is true that having two RTS games going is not in the interest of blizzard and devoting staff seems unnecessary, but they must realize that the two games are so vastly different that trying to say that they are the same is completely false. Yeah it would be nice if Warcraft came back, but our chances to accomplish this task are very slim in my eyes.
Very nice article, well done. I could not agree more. That took me back to when I played it through, many years ago. Those were the days, life (and gaming) was simpler then. The only trolls were the NPCs you were whacking on your screen, not 13-year olds spamming chat channels with idiocy. It was nice to go back down memory lane again, thank you!


The main fault of WoW that will never and I mean never go away is that the people who designed it originally and those who have taken up the reigns come from RTS games and this is reflected in the endgame rush, quick level beat this and that then when you are ready beat this and it is a cycle that never ends and never will. people like you complain about how the game is being dumbed down which is not at all the truth what is happening is that it is being turned into a more interactive RTS game on a more grand scale. just look at all the changes in how abilities and talents are condensed and presented. OH I should also add that the ability to make macros and press a few buttons or in the case of some one button does not make you good or give you skill it just means you can make a macro and press a button or 2 in a certain order with hopefully enough luck to do it at the right time to kill something, nothing in this game requires any sort of skill whatsoever! even the min/maxers have no skill they just know math and probability....pffft


I remember getting Warcraft 1 Orcs and humans in the bargin bin at CompUSA. I loved that game but Warcraft 2 and the expansions was my favorite with all the custom puds u could make. I used to play that game all night till the sun came up. So much fun... I loved WOW even more so. I think they need to make several versions of WOW because its hard to please everyone. Blizzard did an excellent job with WOW although I did quit when the penguin expansion or whatever that last expansion was came out.

I remember for Halloween they had a zombie plague where if a zombie hit u you started slowly turning into a zombie over several days or was it hours. That was so much fun and very cool to see how a plague could spread from city to city. Unfortunatley, people started complaining about the zombie disease and blizzard removed it. My wish list for WOW: More randomness. If your going to make me go through an instance more than once at least change it up a bit, maybe randomize the monsters and their locations instead of having everything exactly the same. Like how they randomize the loot that drops. Wish 2 is stop making my weapons obsolete everytime an expansion comes out. I worked hard for my weapons. I will stop bitching now about WOW because everyone likes to ***** about WOW.

I wonder if the Rift works with WOW?


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The WoW RTS series was great, but if they brought it back I would be torn between it and SC2. Not sure I have time for both in my life :)
They need to bring back Warcraft 1 and 2. I didnt like 3. If they brough back those mechanics in 4 it would be an easy sell


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Why did they change the one thing everyone loved about blizzard games? The old story line...

Anyways I loved war 2 3, I still play war3 now and then. Surprisingly enough even though its been a decade you can still find multiplayer matches.

As far as I know warcraft 3 was the first game to introduce a skill based multiplayer match making system.

Starcraft 2 has no innovation, its like starcraft 1.2, I havent been impressed by a blizz game since wow wotlk. Then again I'm getting old and will probably never be impressed by another blizz game.
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+1 a million times. I'd pay top dollar for a Warcraft 4. Starcraft II just doesn't compare to how good WC3 was.
Even if they had to come out with some sort of Subscription model for a Wc4, I would probably STILL buy and play it. It's needed that badly.


War 3 is a mix of RTS and Diablo. Not my cup of tea. War2, SC, and SC2 those are balanced RTS. War 2 still prob the greatest.
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