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Jan 11, 2008
  1. please help me:
    i want that a USB drive(flash drive) with specified serial numbers to be attached on my computer.

  2. AlbertLionheart

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    Have a look at the content of - is this what you are looking for? The only other option is a mechanical lock - these are available I think from
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    Interesting thing to do, but why.

    Albert, those links look similar but dont seem quite right, I had a quick read...

    I think hes wants to say. "Ok, this USB drive with this serial number can ONLY be used with USB1. And this USB modem can only be used with USB2, and will not function when plugged in USB1.

    Is this correct?
  4. AlbertLionheart

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    I wondered why too - which is why I offered those two links in case they did what was wanted. I am pretty positive that USB ports cannot be configured in the same way as, say, wireless networks so that access is MAC dependant and so on.
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    what if the port is bootable
    how do you stop user on boot
    would need to set bios locks ????????
  6. jobeard

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    Blocking USB access is a security/privacy issues that primarily Corporate uses must contend with.
    While the firewall will shield network access, USB devices
    can be used for several purposes, some ligit and others nafarious:

    USB thumb drives
    can be loaded with software to be installed on multiple systems
    used to take work home and return updated documents

    can be loaded with spyware, ad-ware, trojans
    can be used to steal intellectual property or client records

    Even though you lock down USB access, there's still the problem of who do you trust?
    Even your best long-term admin or CIO (Chief Information Officer) can turn to the
    dark side at a moments notice (it's called while collar crime).

    There is no simple solution for all combinations of trusted/untrusted users,
    allowed/unallowed USB devices.
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  8. tipstir

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    You have to setup that prior in an image to block users from using USB ports on their system. You should also test this prior to release a new image. I know a lot of companies are doing this now. You can also have active directory group for certain users to have access to their usb ports. It can be done, but it has to be done correctly. Otherwise well like joebeard said above.
  9. tanveer

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    Yes Please
  10. tanveer

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    Please reply in the same thread, do not create multiple ones for the same subject.
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