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Jul 27, 2008
  1. Hi

    I need to block websites on my network, it is a wireless belkin. It does not have a program on it already, i emailed belkin and can not get it. The online settings do not offer a method of doing this. Is there any software out there than can be installd onto my belkin or i can install onto two computers and block websites, i.e, gambling websites. Thanks
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    Yes a personal firewall :)
    There are many free firewalls to choose from, most tend to go for ZoneAlarm
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    The URL sited mentions Spywareblaster; GREAT TOOL and recommendation.

    If you have only one system, then any tool that is effective will do the job and Spywareblaster is effective and cheap :)

    However, if you have more than one system, then every system needs to be administered.
    In such a case, moving your controls into the router will effect all systems attached to it
    and you get one place to do the work, even on systems which you may not have the
    admin password :)
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    Are you planning to block specific website url's or just a category of website? Blocking specific url's is easily done with a personal firewall, such as ZoneAlarm. However, if you want to stop all (or at least many) gambling sites, you might need something more like a parental control software package that tends to have lists of forbidden sites (e.g., porn, gambling, etc.) Unfortunately, I cannot personally recommend any, but I am sure that you can Google up a bunch of these types of packages.
  6. kimsland

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    Parental Control
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