Blu-ray mild stuttering

  1. PC specs

    Windows XP Home SP3
    AMD Phenom II X4 965 (3.41 GHz)
    4 GB RAM
    Radeon HD 4870
    Creative X-Fi Titanium
    Plenty of HDD space
    Plextor BDDVDR Blu-Ray Combo Drive (SATA cpnnection)

    I am new to Blu ray, but am a big fan of it. I love the extra detail, and since I use my PC also as home theatre, i bought this plextor BD drive for my PC around $100 at newegg. My PC met the specs and it came with PowerDVD 8. Seemed like a good deal since I have a 1080p screen resolution with DVI connections.

    I have Inception, How to Train Your Dragon, and Avatar (collector's edition) blu ray movies to start, but I'm having this annoying problem. The movies play perfectly, no problems whatsoever except for an extremely brief frameskip every 20 seconds or so. It's very noticeable and very annoying.

    I just want to make sure the problem is not with the drive. If it is, ill have to send it back, but I'd like to try other options first.

    The drive is SATA, so the skip shouldn't be caused by writing/reading delays. My ATI drivers are completely up to date (v 8.801.0.0), but this BD Advisor program says that the driver don't meet minimum requirements, which doesn't make any sense. I made sure that Hardware Acceleration is enabled.

    DVD's play fine. No skips. None of the BD's are scratched or dirty, and all have been played on my friend's PS3, no problems.

    I also can't Avatar to run at all. It played fine on my friends PS3, but my PC won't detect it in My Computer. I got an error saying that Windows can't recognize its format when I tried to explore it, and Cyberlink has all the chapters listed but pressing play won't do anything. Why would Plextor make a Blu-ray drive that can't read one of the BD formats?

    Possible causes:

    -My GFX card isn't HDCP compliant?

    -Cyberlink PowerDVD 8 is a complete piece of junk

    - This BD drive sucks, and I should get a cheaper one that works better

    Your thoughts are much appreciated.
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    I would try replacing the Blu-Ray drive first, before you do anything else...

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