Blue screen, plug and play

By aqua
Jul 7, 2009
  1. ok guys finally i'm back.
    my pc is old,dell dimension 8200,xp-pro,768rdram[old and expensive too],sp3
    yesterday i wa having freezings in firefox 3.5..i remember i was reading a post here about another site talking about disabling services for gaining memory and speed,,it was working fior few hours then the freezing,,well no complain..
    this morning i had the bsod stop at 0x0000000A[OX00000016,0X00000002,0X000000008,0X804DBDA30

    i couldn't boot to windows..then i decided to wipe hd out...after it finish,,let pc rest for 1 hour,,then when trying to reinstall OS,,..after first screen i get "plug and play configuration error"...check F1 and F2 .. didn't know whatto do in this case.

    -the i rememberd on one ocasion, i read that i had to remove the pci slot card usb2.o....did it and it started installing..after 10 min. again another bsod ..damm."didn;t record it.

    i open pc case again and clean whatever i could and remove ram,devices and reinstalled then.

    this time it finished installing OS..after that i got this message about recover froma serious error..-look at the picture-
    now pc is working ok,,,but if this happen again.."the plug and play...."
    ..what can i do.....

    --should i use a program like true acronis image in case i have this kind of problems when reinstalling OS.....or
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