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Blue Screen while working remote with Norton Representative

By nb1106 ยท 6 replies
Aug 28, 2009
  1. I'm posting this for my father looking for a little help. He has a dell with XP installed. After having some virus problems he decided to actually go out and pay for some protection. Went online and got Norton's Internet Protection, he had a old expired version that was installed via disc on his computer. So because he was installing via download this time he was told over the phone with Norton that he had to remove it. So he connected remote with Norton's agent. After removing Norton in the attempt to install the new download version the guy ran into a problem with Spybot interfering and not allowing it to install properly. So the guy went and removed it via Add and Remove Programs then rebooted. Following reboot Spybot was no where to be found but still running, and still available in the Add & Remove Programs. He couldn't get it removed so informed my father he needed to do it in safe mode. So he entered my father into safe mode and everything looked right, until the icons appear then suddenly a blue screen of death as people call it. Since then he hasn't had a computer to talk back to the guy so has had no contact with him since. So he called Norton again and got a different representative they ran him through somethings but nothing worked. So as informed by some friends he played with the bios a little went through dells trouble shooting chart but never could get to even the welcome splash screen without the blue screen. I then tried every option under F8 for him and same results all around. So finally we looked into Windows Recovery Console and gave it a shot.
    So at this point prior to using RC we were actually getting kind of stuck logging into safe mode. Even pushing F8 and choosing regular XP Home Edition we'd end up booting into safe mode. At this point theirs no blue screen of death but rather now we get after the Windows loading screen we get a screen that in the top right it says setup is loading (I think if I remember that's what it says will confirm in a few mins with screen shot). Its got some dots .... that continue moving showing its loading then without the dos screen showing the safe mode drivers are loading it goes straight into safe mode. The screen is all black with just the safe mode words on top and bottom as it normally looks. A pop up appears saying he is unable to run safe mode at this time, gives him the option to push O.K., if he does it reboots and does it again.
    So we attempted to use RC following a guide we thought was reasonable. First time through we did four commands, fixboot, CHKDSK /P C: which found errors, ran CHKDSK /P C: again w/ no errors, exit. Then rebooted as normal and same results.
    Then a second attempt at RC we used fixboot, fixmbr, CHKDSK /P C: which found errors, so this time we used CHKDSK /R C:, then exit. Same results once again.

    So now were contemplating a remove&reformat of XP. So in his hope to save all his banking information, tax forms, and a few thousand pictures of which only half were backed up were posting here for some help. Every thing I've found similar to this resulted in at least a reformat which caused loss of data. I've had good luck on this site and with 4 or 5 bad viruses over the last several years I've only had to R&R once. Have come across a lot of good help here and hopefully will get some good help/news soon. Thank you very much I will be keeping a close eye on the thread.
  2. Bobbye

    Bobbye Helper on the Fringe Posts: 16,335   +36

    Gotta tell you- cleaning up after viruses is a lot easier than cleaning up after a remote assist went wrong!

    There is no way to figure out what was done wrong and/or what was added or removed. Sorry. but unless you can make Norton fix their bad ways, you are probably going to need a reformat/reinstall.

    Two thing in your post made my hair stand up though:
    These aren't friends!
    And he didn't have to pay for protection! There are good AV programs and firewalls available free!

    This is likely why he got malware that started the downward spiral!

    As for this:
    If he can't get into the system, he can't back up. "Possibly" he might be able to remove the hard drive and get something off of it. Hardware isn't my forte, so you'll need more guidance for that.
  3. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    If the info on the HDD is that important, take it out, replace it with a new one, and install the o/s on it. Use the current as a slave or purchase an external enclosure for it and access all the info.
  4. nb1106

    nb1106 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    So its not fixable?
  5. strategic

    strategic TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,020

    It's fixable, one way or another anything is. If the files on your HDD are worth more than $100, get another HDD, replace it with what you have, take your existing one and either set it as a 'slave' or place it in an external enclosure (what I would do) and just use it as a secondary drive. THe HDD most likely isn't the problem, but doing this, you'll protect what you have.
  6. nb1106

    nb1106 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    Did quite a bit of research on this topic. Seems like it was a big problem around the release of SP2 and since has been results of several different things, another popular result of it seems to be Spybot. Anyways I tried about 15 different things people called "solutions." We had an extra problem that caused us to find our own way, most people used bootcfg /rebuild then a few other steps. Our bootcfg failed saying xp had some corruptions. So finally we noticed that the boot.ini file had a new line that had him always booting in safe w/net on start up. Even if we chose regular xp it would go there. I copied my boot.ini to a flash drive and then used Recovery Console to copy that to C:. On boot that allowed the setup to continue instead of going to safe mode. We tried to do a repair but after its done it still starts a setup on start up. So we decided to give it a shot and see what happens. If it repairs it doesn't erase data right? Hope not 20 minutes left in the installation.
  7. nb1106

    nb1106 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    So during the repair we noticed the image on the screen was bouncing all over the place, most of the time not visible. However we let it finish installing, following the finish it rebooted itself. After the windows splash screen the screen went black and nothing happens. Tried booting into safe mode and it hangs up after it lists all the drivers being loaded. Tried a fixboot, fixmbr, and CHKDSK /P. No difference. Any ideas?
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