Blue screening in a game I play

By xLokix
May 6, 2009
  1. first time this computer has bluescreened on me , just built it a month ago , game is only bluescreening in a certain area in the game , played it for 2 hours and was doing fine . im assuming the minidump is going to point to a graphics driver?

    Minidumps attached.

    And thanks in advance.

  2. peterdiva

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    Close, sound drivers. See if you can update them. Windows needs updating as well.

    Have you got the onboard sound enabled as well?

    BugCheck 100000D1, {1c, 2, 1, b2c838a6}
    Probably caused by : ha20x2k.sys ( ha20x2k+18a6 )
    Image name: ha20x2k.sys Timestamp: Wed May 24 11:39:41 2006 (4473D57D)
  3. xLokix

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    Yup i ended up figuring it out , tracked it down to that file except the thing is is that file was specifically made for lord of the rings online by creative . There is one of those drivers in windows and then an overiding version of the same file in the lord of the rings online folder. both have diff file sizes so im assuming they are diff versions , if i copy and paste that file into the lord of the rings online directory it would work fine without bsod. But when you run the game launcher it will automatically replace the file again , Solution - Changing audio settings in the game to generic software on soundblaster x-fi instead of generic hardware on soundblaster x-fi , seems to be an x-fi only issue that has been there since 2007 and they have yet to fix it. Thanks for your time
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