Bluescreen Death on DELL Help for you!

By smilingeyes
Jan 3, 2010
  1. I am not a computer tech but I hope this helps those who are and those who are not. I found this site when looking to repair my Blue Screen Death Error of 0x40000080. I did a lot of reading and this site helped me. Now this is not a repair but it does fix it. I have a large memory and ram Vostro 200 Dell for my business. I am a jeweler and licensed artist and tons of pictures of jewelry and paintings on my computer. What happened is the computer was waking my mother up because I had the Screensaver on My pictures. So I took it off and put the STARS on from DELL. Well shortly after that my computer kept crashing. I got the blue screen death multiple times and nothing would help so I came here and started reading. After my research here I put the computer back on MY PICTURES for my screensaver and walla... No problem ever since and it has been two weeks.

    Some one was right here when they said that the Dell Computers problem is in the suspend Mode. Now that it is going through all my pictures I do not have a problem. Of course we have extra energy being used but since I work all the time not many hours at that that the computer is not being used.

    Since I do not have this computer paid for and am very unhappy with Dell Fincl and Dell about this it is the best thing I can do it try to help others. If someone knows of something else we can do to get totally rid of this problem I would love to hear it. Not being a computer tech and my warranty is gone too I am happy I got this far.

    Hope this helps you all for the same problem...
    Smiling Eyes
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