Boiling Hot Idle Temps

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Sep 3, 2006
  1. My secondary computer, when on, has idle temps of 145F. When it reaches 155F, the fan increases rpm by at least twice the speed (and sound), and then decreases down to like 142. I have not overclocked this, and never have tried (it's my parents computer, a day old). Is this okay?
  2. i_am_a_newbie

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    You mean that P4 3.6ghz?

    FYI Prescotts(which I think that is) run at extremely high temperatures. I think 62C is a normal temp for it.
  3. cfitzarl

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    THANK GOD!!! I almost had a heart attack. I contacted sony via email and am running a cpu stability test, and the computer is within the 150-160 (60-70 celsius) range so far. Right now the hard drive is at 57 celsius though.
  4. i_am_a_newbie

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    That's not good. I run an old Maxtor 80GB as well as a Seagate 300gb and neither of them go above 35C at any given time(they feel slightly warm to the touch, so I know this isn't a probe inaccuracy).
  5. cfitzarl

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    Could be located near the processor, the heat is probably being blown from the fan. The internal temp is 102 (sorry all over the place with celsius and fahrenheit, it's 4:03 am here, and i'm tired), and the remote temp is 100, the hard drive is now 133. Remember, though that is was a display model for a few months and it worked fine as well.
  6. wolfram

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    Anyway, make sure that PC has good case cooling. My hdd never reaches 100°F.

    Keep it cool, and it'll last longer :)

    And that CPU temp is "fine", since it's a Prescott CPU. However, make sure the cooler is properly seated, and I'd apply a new AS5 layer.
  7. AtK SpAdE

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    Your temps are on the high side for an idle. I would look into (as mentioned) cleaning your case out, and maybe working on the airflow on your case.

    May I ask, what way are you getting these temps? Program? BIOS?

    Also, Your HDD temp is high. How are you obtaining it? Could be a bad reading (from a fan blowing on it etc)

    Now, dont panic. None of the temps are killer. But the hotter things run, the quicker they die.

    NFSFAN TS Rookie Posts: 245

    The CPU is running way too HOT!! Applying some AS5 or maybe replacing the cooler on it, would cool it better. As for the HDD i suggest the Zalman HDD Heatpipe cooler. Also make sure you PC case has at least two fans. The back should be exhaust, and side if possible intake. Make sure the case is not bulky, and has some room for air flow. I also have a prescott running at 4.2 GHz overclocked from 3.8 Ghz stock, and is currently running at 54 C. I have a Zalman copper cooler on it, with AS5
  9. i_am_a_newbie

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    8C is a reasonable drop considernig you're using aftermarket thermal paste and an aftermarket cooler.

    His is normal for his stock solution. Especially with the terrible airflow in the VAIO's.
  10. cfitzarl

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    The computer is now peaking at around 140F now, while playing the game CivCity: Rome. The computer has only two fans (I think). Today, I almost bought a fan that would blow the hot air out that fits in a pci slot, although I remembered, if I open the computer, he'll kill me. It can get annoying having parents that do not know anything about computers. He thinks the stock cooling is the best for it because Sony decided to use it. Oh, and's a P4 Prescott 560J, and as I hear, Prescotts run very hot. Is this true?
  11. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Yes, it's been said already, Prescotts run very hot.

    Boiling point for acetone or chloroform, I guess?
  12. cfitzarl

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    I just called sony after having a troubling time onling with them, and the person I spoke to told me to either ship it to them, as it is under warantee for repair, or bring it back to the store. It's going back to the store, and I don't think a Vaio will replace it....
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