Bollinger shows off two utilitarian EV prototypes with a 7,500 lb towing capacity


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Though they appear to have been drawn with an Etch A Sketch, Bollinger's new 4-door B1 sports utility truck and B2 pickup EV prototypes have an irresistible charm and presence underpinned by powerful electric internals.

Back in 2017, we saw the 2-door version of Bollinger's B1 SUV that now comes with 2 more doors and updated specs which include a huge 120kWh lithium-ion battery sitting between the axles, a two-speed transmission for high and low-range and 25-51 cm (10-20 inches) of ground clearance.

Both vehicles are AWD and will be rated to carry 5,201 lb (2,359 kg) of cargo and tow 7,500 lb (3,401 kg) using a 458kW (614hp) dual-motor. The motor will also enable them to hit 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds all the way up to a limited top speed of 100 mph (160 km/h).

Bollinger is also planning a minimum range of 200 miles between charges with a 10 hour time for level 2 (220V) and 75 minutes for Level 3 (DC) fast charging.

Given their electric platform and interior layout, the B1 and B2 can also benefit from a generous 'Patented PassThrough' design that spans their entire length should a need ever arise to transport very long objects. Bollinger says the "completely badass [B2] electric truck" can carry up to 16-foot long cargo, helped by the pickup's 20-inch longer wheelbase. To further add to their utilitarian nature, both trucks come with easily removable doors, roof panels, glass and windshield.

In terms of safety, the EVs do not come with airbags (nor they need to) since a rather hefty gross weight of 10,001 lbs (~4,536 kg) means they fall in the US Class 3 Medium Truck classification. Also, seeing one of these in the oncoming lane or the rear-view mirror would probably guarantee safety of both parties, right?

Bollinger Motors plan to begin production of both EVs next year. No word yet on pricing.

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Well, what can you say? A truck is a truck ..... I think they should add in "inbound" outlet in the bed area where you could line it up with lots and lots of batteries to extend the range ...... LOL


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Don't think airbags are important in a 10,000 lb truck? Ask the guy in his lifted F350 after he crashes into a car and his airbags didn't go off because his bumper was too high.

Yeah, it hurts - my cousin experienced this and now he has broken clavicle, ribs, shoulder, and is now suffering from terrible headaches from damage to his neck and brain stem.

Moral of the story, airbags do help adults in crashes and don't lift your truck like a *****. I know he is family but if he hadn't lifted his trucks the airbags would have deployed.
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Hopefully the money they saved by getting a 5 year old to design it will be reflected in the prices. The Rivian R1T looks more of a finished product even if it isn't on sale yet.


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This looks like the same one we have seen last year, and the one the year before that... when are they going to deliver it?