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Boot agent problems

By longlive
Mar 2, 2011
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  1. Hello all, and thx for any help in advance ...

    Little back ground on my problem and steps i have take , be for coming here for help.

    I was playing a on line FPS game started to lock up just thought it was my pc acting up so powered down for a reboot. On reboot , i got no bootable device found and or bad partition . So knowing what i know i popped in my factory restore disk, and well it worked at first then, as i was downloading windows up dates for windows XP , i encountered some failed installs , like 20+ so on restarting my pc like windows update asked me to, i got a blue screen that flashed could not read what it said it went so fast. On restart i get a ( intel (R) boot agent pxe base code (pxe-2.1 build 085) (C) 1997-2005 intel followed by a Client mac addr:00 16 76 E0 4E 59 Guid:9a42d718 6425 11DB A8AE 00E018E16DEZ PXE-E53: no boot filename received .
    then it says exiting with some more stuff and to inster a boot disk. ... Now after staying up late last night trying to get my restore disk to work again, i got it to take effect , after may may reboots , with not being able to go to safe mode and or my recover disk taking effect on boot up, witch lead to many attempted loads of windows followed by a blue screen then the pc restarting again.. i finaly got my recovery disk to launch , did a full reinstall , went through the installing update process again, while installing windows xp service pack 3.5 it said could not run or place shell32.dill finle into c/Windows/$something cant remember now.. at this point i figured F- it i must have a nasty PC viruse , so i loaded up my Nod32 viruse scan , and it said it could not run because my PC was in windows Safe mode.. ( did not look like safe mode looked like my normal desk top running on 1600x900 res and had full functions just like running windows normaly ) so i restarted the pc , pressing f8 to bring up safe move, did not take effect .. Now i am back to the boot agent thing and about to take a hammer to this PC just for revenge..

    In case someone asks ...

    It is a gate way gm5260 winsows xp not sure if it is home or pro .
    mother board was replaced last year due to ion board sound card frying out, and stock hard drive was replaced 3 years ago, due to it dieing, both were replaced by my pc coverage plan... after reading over some other peoples problems i think my Hard drive might have died again.

    So please any help would be great , i want to get back to playing my game and off this old lap top that i cant even play games on.

    P.S sorry for any typos , just a little stressed out

    **** UPDATE*****

    powered down pc and unplugged the power from back of pc for 30 seconds , then rebooted up, booted right up to windows desk top it seems to be working right now, my viruse scan program installs now .... if any other probs rinse or repeat i will post again in this thread. but any advice is wanted ...

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