Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible

By Auvic
Jul 25, 2012
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  1. So, uh....hi, guys.

    I had some serious bugs on my computer recently, and with the help of the people - as in, Broni - from the Malware section, I managed to get most of them cleared up, though I still had periodic issues with, say, programs refusing to run or just crashing outright. Problems I suspected were due to the nasty rootkit that I thought I'd cleaned up - and problems I hadn't had before I got the bug.

    In any case, I'd already attempted to kill the bug by reformatting my disk, but it didn't seem to help any - the fresh install of Win7 still had all sorts of problems with programs crashing for no reason whatsoever, namely that werfault.exe was crashing whenever I tried to open/run any program at all.

    So I booted up my windows upgrade CD, and instead of reformatting the partition on my HDD, I deleted it, and made a new one, thinking that delete/new was just a cleaner sort of partition creation. Doesn't seem like it is, though, since my entire computer refuses to boot up now, giving me the error that's in the thread title.

    I deleted my HDD's main partition, and can't install Win7 into the partition that I created. Computer is now essentially defunct. What do?

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