Bootable CD Creation using Nero...WITHOUT a floppy drive

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Jan 7, 2005
  1. Trying to create a bootable CD to help my system recovery process using Nero. however, I don't have a floppy drive to do this. Should I just create the bootable as a data disk? It gives me the option to create a bootable disk, but asks for a disk in the "a" drive or floppy drive...

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    I have all of the system recovery disks...I just need to be able to get the computer started to run a delpart utility...What do I need to do that?
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    I have an alternate suggestion rather than use your current plan. Go here and download a bootable CD with utilities for repair.
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    Hi there-
    I did this..and got a step further...However, now I get an error that "hal.dll" is corrupt or missing please reinstall the file...any suggestions? I was able to get to some sort of boot menu though by pressing f8. I'm not sure if there are any menu choices I shold pick (they mentioned booting in safe mode/last good config). I tried a couple but still got "Operating System is Missing". Anything!?!?
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    I do have another alternate suggestion. :D

    Assuming you didn't have damaged or scratched recovery disks.

    The symptoms you described so far in this thread and this one are indicatives of overheating failures. Make sure to clean your lap-top internally as thorough as possible with an air spray, including your CD/CD-RW drive.

    One more thing, during recovery if "Critical Error Abort Retry Ignore Fail" re-appear again, simply wait ~3 minutes or more for a cooling off period per occurence before attempting to hit the retry option if overheating was your problem.

    I'd seen many lap-tops overheated exactly like this, being clogged up with dirt internally.
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    Ok...I tried that and still getting the same thing. The CD stops spinning once it hits 66%...and the little light that flashes under the hard disk picture stops flashing. The disks worked not 1 month ago. Maybe they did get scratched...hmmmm.
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    Let's say they ARE scratched...They don't make the recovery disks for my model anymore. Would a copy of Windows XP Home Edition solve my problem? I mean regardless, no matter how many times i am going to try to reimage, whether I do it with a boot disk, etc. it seems like the RECOVERY disk itself has crapped. Thus, I think I answered my own question :)
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