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Dec 5, 2004
  1. Hello My girlfriends computer wont boot if it even starts it askes for restore
    disk. she puts that in it give her 2 options and it doesn't seem to matter which choice she uses it tell her bad command or file name
    it starte with a A:> like in dos any thing she types in tells her bad command or file name.
    My question is what to type in at that prompt to get her windows to boot back up?
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    Which computer is it? Most brands have their own restore disks, it'd help a bit to know more about the computer.

    You can see the commands / contents on the floppy disk by typing dir.
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    Ok the computer is a emachines she tryes to uese the restore disks provided
    but like before mention gives her a A:/ prompt and either choice she uses says bad command or file name it is windows xp home ther is no option
    to go into bios or anything like that i have tryed can't type in dir says bad command or file name nothing we try does anything different tryed format change dir tryed other commands like fixboot c:/ all bad command or file naes :zzz:
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    ok. Put in the system restore cd that came with the 'puter. Press the reset button. Start pressing the <DEL> key as soon as you see something on the screen. Eventually, you will get the setup screen. Use the arrow keys to select the advanced options. Make sure that the CD is ahead of the hard drive in the boot order. Hit <ESC>. Press <F10>. Type <Y>. It should reboot off your Restore CD. Then use the menu options to reload your OS.
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