booting problem with XP home edition

By tony lowe
Dec 30, 2006
  1. After replacing the motherboard by a different manufacturer to that of the original, XP will sart to boot and then freeze. The only way then to boot is to switch off the pc, then re-activate and boot via the BIOS command prompt. This problem is intermittent, as XP will boot normally at other times. What is the problem?
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    If the motherboard youre using replaced. Do not forget to reinstall windows and bios for your convenient. The current setting your PC has previously include the serial number and the type of the mobo. Any small changes especially different manufacturer COULD lead to failure boot. but, how about resetting the bios by removing the small battery?
  3. MatangLawin

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    Replacing the motherboard with a different brand/model than the original will create problems on boot-up. The hardware drivers that are in your Hard drive are for the old motherboard. You need to re-install Windows and drivers for the new motherboard.
  4. Tedster

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    Replacing a motherboard or computer, requires XP to be reinstalled along with a new activation code from M$. You will be prompted to call them upon installation setup. XP can only be installed on one machine per time. Replacement of a motherboard causes XP to think it is being installed on another machine as the serial # of the board is checked by the OS. This is a security as well as a system check as drivers and devices change.
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