Both the Xbox One and PS4 will cost $299 this Black Friday weekend

By Scorpus
Nov 24, 2015
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  1. If you're after a cheap game console this Black Friday shopping season, it won't be easy to choose between the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as both consoles will be going on sale at the same $299 price point.

    Microsoft announced last week that the Xbox One would be receiving a temporary price drop from $349 to $299, with the sale running from Thanksgiving (November 26th) to Cyber Monday (November 30th). The system you'll get for that price is a 500 GB entry-level model bundled with either Gears of War: Ultimate Edition or The Lego Movie Videogame.

    Several other Xbox One bundles will be available: at $349 (down from $399) you have a range of options, including a 1 TB model, a version with Kinect, or bundles with either Rise of the Tomb Raider or Fallout 4. At $449 (down from $499) you can get a Halo 5 limited edition bundle, or the Elite Bundle.

    The PlayStation 4's price cut from $349 to $299 is much more straightforward: only one version of the console will be sold at that price, bundled with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. Sony's deal also runs from Thanksgiving through to Cyber Monday.

    The prices for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are just guides set by Microsoft and Sony, so you might find better deals at select retailers. As always, it'll be worth hunting around for the best price come November 26th if you're after a current-gen game console.

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