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Tech companies aren’t known for their acts of kindness, but sometimes they surprise us with moments of uncharacteristic compassion. In what is the season of goodwill, Microsoft has given a 9-year-old boy a Christmas to remember after he gave up his Xbox One present to buy blankets for the homeless.

Earlier this month, Ashland County, Ohio resident Mikah Frye asked his grandmother what the homeless people wandering the streets did when it got cold. She said she didn't know and asked if he wanted to give up one of his Christmas presents to buy a single blanket for someone less fortunate, but the boy decided instead to exchange his prized Xbox One (presumably an S) gift for more than 60 blankets.

Three years earlier, then six-year-old Mikah and his family found themselves in an emergency shelter for several weeks after financial problems saw them lose their home. The time he spent there had an impact. “He knew what it was like to not have a blanket at night and have to give it back,” said his grandmother, Terry Brant. “So the first thing he wanted to do is give a blanket that they could keep.”

When Microsoft heard about Mikah’s selflessness, they got in touch and arranged for him to collect a brand-new Xbox One S from his local Microsoft Store. When he arrived, employees took him to the back to see Santa. Mikah was presented with two bags of gifts along with the console, all of which brought him to tears.

The same shelter that aided Mikah's family is now distributing the blankets he donated, each with a special note from the boy himself. "It's just amazing, it's a blessing, Mikah is a blessing to our family and we thank you very much," said Brant.

Check out Fox8’s video of Mikah’s story below.

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Sean Alaska

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More of this please. I'm a cynic and I watch the news. But I know there's way, way, WAY more good like this in this world. People need to put down the news and look to their neighbor or a stranger and reach out. Humanity is not evil, it's good. Unfortunately it doesn't sell the news. Good on this boy. Keep it up!!


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That's a damn good kid!! My only gripe here is that Microsoft being what it is only gave him a Xbox one s. This kid deserves a freaking X and it's only a fraction of a penny to such a....words.
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Sadly there are not enough generous kids or people like this young man! I hope he wins the lottery one day. I know he would help the needy if he won.
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Every time holidays are coming, a story like this breaks in the news. It makes me wonder if these stories are true, or just marketing. A nice kid giving an example and a nice company rewarding that kid, by showing at the same time a warm face, instead of the cold face of a multi billion organization, as part of a "Christmas Carol" type of story.

Joe Blow

Microsoft didn't want this future numbskulled SOY BOY to be devoid of any dangerous screen time.


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The kid was happy to give his xbox for charity so they delivered him another one so he does not stop paying the subscription service... well played Microsoft, well played :)
My faith in humanity was being restored until I reached your comment :(
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