Broadcom 4311 Drivers/Sigmatel 9220 Drivers for XP Pro x64

By GameJunkie72792
Jan 21, 2008
  1. Broadcom 4311 Drivers for XP Pro x64

    I have a Gateway MT6451 notebook that is my main workhorse.
    It shipped with Vista, which is way too slow for my taste so i "upgraded" to XP Home.

    Well, it's not stable for some odd reason, so i decided to install XP Pro x64.

    There is 1 driver i can't find anywhere the drivers for the Broadcom 4311

    I had it working fine under 32-bit XP home, but no dice under x64.

    any help is appreciated. i did notice the driver i used under xp home was x64 and x86 but it won't install under x64.

    i hate drivers but what can you do.
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