Broken DVD/RW Dell drive

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Oct 5, 2008
  1. Recently installed the Windows Vista Home Premium Upgrade on my Dell Inspirion E1705. Everythign works great except my DVD/RW drive now will not work. The icon shows up on MY COMPUTER, no other disks work in it, however is still reads the Windows Vista disc as i tried to reinstall it once more. I visited the Dell website and downloaded the driver and still no success. any ideas?
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    Checkout this method to identify the filter drivers on any of your devices (much easier)

    Click here to download a tool. Run it. Click on your CD to see all of its filter drivers along with regular driver. It provides product/version info as well for you to uninstall.
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    ok i ran that and it just states that i have no upper or lower filter drivers specified. Should I and if so what should they be specified as?
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    hmm.. unusual (tho i don't think impossible) that an DVD/CD has no upper / lower filters. Using that tool again, select your device in left panel, then click Clipboard (towards bottom right) then paste the result back here.
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    Here are the ONLY fixes I found on the Net

    Solution 1. Delete Upper and Lower filters in registry

    Solution 2. (Yes this is a real working solution for some)
    Try putting your desktop to sleep and then waking up again.

    Solution 3. (Update Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver)
    Motherboards using Intel chipsets, install the Intel Matrix Storage Manager driver package

    Some users reported that their Drives DID come back, but either:

    1. Drive then went away again after reboot (Note Solution 3 users. did not have this issue)
    2. Burning Softwares did not work any more (Just re-install your Software)
    3. iTunes stopped working (Sadly re-install as well, but search on Google first)

    Please try that, and let me know if it worked
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