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Broken video connector on motherboard/can i boot up with PCI video card?

By P17061
Sep 30, 2007
  1. I have an Emachines T2482 computer that I bought before coming to finland. They are very bad with power supplies going out as I have just read from the internet. My dad had almost the same model as I have and it crashed after only two years. He had a replacement motherboard put in his PC but he is a very old man and he did not realize that the guy had screwed in the monitor cable to the computer and one day he was trying to remove it and broke the video pin connector. Last time I was there I carefully removed the video pin connector so that I could use the motherboard and/or components if I needed them on mine. He bought another PC. So now my motherboard and/or power supply has crashed as well and I have his motherboard here with me. I want to try and connect the new motherboard to to my PC but since there is not a video pin connector I am thinking of buying a cheap video card to put in the PCI slot. My question is how can I get the PC to work that way? Is it so that the PC should boot up even though the video card driver is not installed yet and I will see something on the monitor or is it so that I will most probably not be able to use the motherboard if it only has a PCI video card installed? I have not done that before and I am thinking that the new video card won't be active immediately since it will be new and no driver installed. Of course without the card working and without a monitor to see anything, I will not be able to go through the bios setup to change settings if needed in order to get the PC to boot up. It will not be easy to put in another video connector directly into the motherboard because I would have to solder it in and first remove all the other solder that is there from where I removed the broken one. Yee Haw! If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it!

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,679

    The problem is, if the psu went then the mobo may well be damaged from that happening. Sounds like the best place for it is the landfill site.
  3. P17061

    P17061 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The motherboard is new


    Thanks for your reply. The motherboard is a new one and I am replacing the power supply on my current PC. I haven't connected the new motherboard to my old power supply yet. I am sure it works but the video pin connector is not there anymore because it was broken off. I carefully removed the remaining pins of the connetor that were soldered to the motherboard so that they would not short and damage the motherboard. This is a motherboard that came from an Emachines just like mine. The question is not if the motherboard or power supply will work. The question is if it is possible to boot up the PC with a PCI video card so that the monitor will in fact come on without my installing a driver. Otherwise I cannot use the PC with the new motherboard unless I resolder a new connector directly to the motherboard. If it comes to that then I will just buy a new PC. Thanks

  4. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,293   +576

    Windows itself should supply a basic, generic graphics driver so you should get a display that will allow you to install a proper driver.

    Also, I would check the BIOS to see if the onboard video is disabled. As long as it's enabled, even though it's not there or broken, RAM memory may be allocated to it which would wasted. I'm not familiar with eMachines' BIOS so I don't know if it will even allow what I suggested but check anyway.
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