Browser redirecting, not able to run Spybot or MalwareBytes? Please help

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Sep 13, 2010
  1. This morning my internet browser started redirecting to different sites that I did not intend on visiting. I figured it was some sort of malware/spyware so I attempted to run Spybot and MalwareBytes. Neither program would run on my computer. I then hopped online and went to to see about dowloading another program to get rid of the problem, and every time I would click on a program to download it, the browser would redirect to "webpage not available". I also tried booting my computer in SafeMode to run the programs and that did not work either. All programs not related to the internet seem to be running fine.

    What is this problem and how do I fix it?


  2. Bobbye

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    Welcomer to Techspot Kristi. I'll try to help you.

    Technically, this is not a redirect. A redirect takes you to a different site than you have requested.

    1. Do you have a router? If you do, try doing a power cycle on it> disconnect the power from the router and the modem. Wait about 10-20 seconds, then reconnect. This clears the memory in the router.
    2. If a power cycle doesn't work, then bypass the router and connect directly from the computer to the internet. If this works, it may mean the router has gone bad.

    Please let me know the status of the system after you try #1 and #2. What you are describing sounds like a router problem rather than malware.

    I'll work with you depending on the results.
  3. rolldice13

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    I can tell you this isn't a router issue. I am a little computer literate ;) I found a link to download Malwarebytes along with another program that scrambles the information so the malware didn't recognize it (found it on these forums) and was able to download Malwarebytes. I ran the program and found that I had a trogan.DNSchanger. I removed them with the program. So the redirecting issue has been fixed.

    I still however cannot use Spybot. I tried to uninstall it and not all of the files would uninstall. I tried manually deleting them and there is a file that just won't delete. The file name is sdhelper.dll. What could this be?

  4. Bobbye

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    Your original post indicated that you could not download any programs from the internet. Yes, there is a program we run first when Mbam won't run. but that was not the scope of your post. And I did not insinuate you were computer illiterate. But I could only work with the information that I was given and you descriptionof a 'redirect' and what actually happened did not match.

    When Mbam runs, it will remove entries for the DNS Changer. However there is usually still evidence of it still on the system. Usually, a DNS Changer infection calls for the following:

    You will need to do a DNS Flush, then reset your router.
    Start> Run> type cmd> enter> at the C prompt type ipconfig /flushdns (note space before the /)

    Exit the Command prompt when finished and shut the system down.-

    • [1]. Shut down your computer, and any other computer connected to your router.
      [2]. On the back of the router, there should be a small hole or button labelled RESET. Using a bent paper clip or similar item, hold that in continuously for twenty seconds.
      [3]. Unplug the router. Wait sixty seconds.
      [4].Now holding again the reset button, plug it back in. Continue holding the reset button for twenty seconds. Unplug the router again.
      [5].With the router unplugged, start your computer. Run MBAM again.
      [6].Connect to the router again. The turn the router back on.
      [7].When it stabilizes, reboot your workstation and try to access the internet. If you have any issues, access the Router configuration page and re-enter your authentication information.
      [8]. Reboot the system and test the internet. You may have to reconfigure the router settings based on your setup.

    Now you are telling me you can't uninstall Spybot- this wasn't the original issue. And you originally said that programs ran fine if they did not require the internet, so your complaint has changed.- but at that time, did point to some kind of router involvement.

    I had no logs, no information about your system so I tried to work with what I had, which was reasonable because you did not accurately describe a search redirect.

    If you want to uninstall Spybot, boot into Safe Mode to remove it. Most security programs won't allow an uninstall when they are running.

    sdhelper.dll can be one of two processes:
    1.{53707962-6F74-2D53-2644-206D7942484F} (no name), Spybot-S&D IE Protection SDhelper.dll from SpyBot Search & Destroy, a legitimate brwoser helper object.
    2. {089E0E0F-6F77-41CC-9D41-9B6D42CBAC11} sdboh Class sdhelper.dll can be Foistware displaying ads from, an underirable entry running as a browser helper object.

    I do not have enough information to tell you which it is. If you would like to define your problems, I will try and help you.

    If you would like us to check the system for malware, please follow the steps in the Preliminary Virus and Malware Removal thread HERE.

    When you have finished, leave the logs for review in your next reply .

    Whether you follow up on this is entirely up to you.

    Please do not use any other cleaning programs or scans while I'm helping you, unless I direct you to. Do not use a Registry cleaner or make any changes in the Registry.
  5. rolldice13

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    My original post indicated I specifically could not download spyware removal programs from the internet, not all downloads in general. And I said I had a redirecting issue, which included being redirected to other sites I didn't request..... as well as being redirected to a page saying "website not available" when I'd attempt to download a removal program. Sorry if that wasn't clear to begin with. I already had Spybot & Malwarebytes installed on my computer prior to this issue, and I was unable to run either program. That is when I attempted to download a new removal program with no success.

    You're right about the Spybot uninstall not being the original issue, I only found out that problem AFTER I removed the trojan and tried to uninstall/reinstall the program since it was not working.

    Thanks for the information on the DNS flush, I will do that. A lot of your reply was a bit defensive. At no point did I question your ability to help me.

    Thanks for your help.
  6. Bobbye

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    Guess I didn't realize you were using the word 'redirect' to mean 2 different things! Sorry about that. Frequently, when we try to help someone here, we have to deal with a lot of 'no it isn't that' before we can get on with things. The failure to be able to load a website would infer the router was involved in some way. Maybe you understand where I was coming from and what I was trying to rule out after reading the DNS flush and router reset.

    However, I would suggest that you run the programs in the thread on the link I left. It is not uncommon to resolve one problem but still have malware on the system.

    If you decide to do that, I will be glad to review the logs.
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