Browsers randomly ceasing function

By Arc
Sep 6, 2008
  1. I've been having a weird issue with my laptop. I feared it was my HD, but it passed both tests.

    What happens is that randomly my browsers will stop being able to load pages. I won't get any error messages, just a blank "done" page. It doesn't matter the website or the browser, and all other programs still work. When it happens in FF, I can open up IE, Opera, and Chrome and still get the same thing when they were working just fine earlier.

    The only way to fix it is to restart. If I do not restart in a timely manner, my laptop will begin kicking out error messages at me in the form of (item) cannot write to (item). When I hit OK, it pops up another and another until my laptop turns off by itself. There's no shut down screen, just OFF.

    I guess it is relevant that this began happening after I had my laptop sent in to HP. At four months old my laptop needed the system board replaced and it happened for the first time the day I got it home.
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