BSOD all over the place. Cant reformat.

By Apollo11G4
May 30, 2005
  1. Alright I got a bit of a problem on my rig. My computer keeps on giving me the Good old BSOD. It started out as my computer started to run slower and slower, then it eventually just halted. First time it halted I was in playing world of warcraft and it just crashed, thought it might of been a game issue, so i reboot, computer starts up a bit slower then normal. Get into windows, start up the game again, and it almost immediatly crashes again.
    Once again reboot, get a message that says I have no hard drives hooked up. So I restart again, and it detects the hard drvies and begens to load windows, however as soon as the Windows XP loading screen is done, the computer reboots itself, prepetually.
    With that I decided format time! I put in my XP Pro disk, get the install running, and right after I agree to the terms (this is before anything is done to the computer), the computer BSODs on me.
    So, if anybody out there has any experiance with this sort of problem, help me, and help my computer. My friend has guns and its starting to look like a fun target.
    My specs:
    Mobo: AX45-v
    Ram: 2x Kingston 512 DDR
    CPU: P3 1.8
    Sound card: SB Live
    Video: GeForce Ti4200
    350 watt PSU
    Windows Xp Pro SP1 build 2600
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966


    Alittle like ram issue.
    Do you have other ram to try?
    Maybe even hdd failure.
    switch out some things and see what happens.
    keep posting back... :knock:
  3. Apollo11G4

    Apollo11G4 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, seems to be that it was a HDD failure. I had already run some tests on the memory and nothing had showen up as being "bad". I had also read somewhere that a bad IDE cable could cause this, and remebering that I had an old *** cable, I went to circut city to buy on. They also had a 250 GB HDD for under 100, western digital. Put it on in, installed XP Pro. No problems sence. Guess it was some HDD failure. I have a couple other computers that I am slowly but surely buidling up and I will see if the "broken" one works in those. IF not, I got a friend with a 30.06 and I got an itchy trigger finger :) So ya, problem solved.
  4. SOcRatEs

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    That should be spectacular!

    Try getting a dig pic for show n tell! :eek:
    I do hope tho the drive will work in a machine
    rather than as non-moving target. :haha:
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