BSoD common Stop Error 0x0000008E searched everywhere for solution tried everything

By ryanlaurie
May 9, 2006
  1. Hello,
    I'm very new to all of this so please let me know if i did something wrong. I read a members site that asked new people to post system info. I did this at my user profile. I run protools to do audio work for bands and other audio tasks. I recently updated to version seven. After the instal i ran protools and it ran fine. No problems at all. I mixed for quite a few hours on it. However today i went to open it up and i got the stop error on the blue screen of death. It also said-->
    Tpkd.sys-address F8DD7F34 Base of F8DD3000 Date Stamp 43395e70 under the regular 0x0000008E stop message. This only happens when i try to open protools everything else runs fine. The error report to microsoft said it was a video contoller driver. However It ran perfectly before on this same driver. Just to be safe i Uninstalled and reinstalled the graphics contorller driver. Still happened. I happend on to this site and found a seemingly very knowledgable member who suggested creating a new paging file. I followed those instructions and still no help. I seem to have tried most of the solutions i've heard on this, to my understanding, reletively common error message. I'm not very good with computers when it comes to this stuff so maybe it's something really simple. Please Help!

  2. Digiti

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    I think your problem is with that tpkd.sys file. which a google search shows is a component of PACE antipiracy software. I would contact Protools tech support to find out if it is installed by their software. Perhaps a clean install of Protools may help because you say the problem arose after the software update was installed? I hope this gives you some leads for your detective work. Good luck.
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