BSOD daily with Internet usage

Hey guys! So...if anyone can help it would be much appreciated!

I am getting a blue screen error whenever I am at my parents house. When I am at my apartment or work with my laptop I never receive this error. It only happens when I am browsing the internet. My parents have HughesNet.

Let me clarify:

It only happens when I am using my parents internet.
It doesn't happen to anyone else's computer in the house.

Here's a few minidumps: (Too large to upload)


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IRQ problem? maybe your own internet is using another IRQ port, and your parents' internet uses an IRQ port which is already in use. can you post what is says on the BSOD?


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When you say they are too large to upload have you tried the Zip option or are minidumps set to the large format instead of the small?