BSOD/Freeze/GPU Driver crash when playing games

Just got a new PC and I'm experiencing BSODs while playing games (generally high end games). Sometimes there is no BSOD and the game just crashes, or the GPU driver stops responding and recovers.
I tried everything I thought of, that is clean install of GPU drivers, updated all other drivers and even a Windows format, but the problem still persists. Attached please find the latest dump files and a DxDiag system specs file.



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  • DxDiag.txt
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Can you return the PC to who you bought it from to be fixed? A Windows Defender file is being flagged as a problem. Are you running another 3rd party antivirus program?
Yes, they are.

Yesterday, I was getting BSODs related to hardware. I ran a memtest, and the PC got into BSOD just after 50% of the memtest. Does this indicate a problem with faulty RAM? I'm more suspecting of faulty RAM now as the PC goes into BSOD only when running high end games (that require more RAM?).


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Yes you have an issue with the RAM. When more than 1 stick of RAM is installed, only 1 stick is usually bad. 8GB in Windows 8 is enough