BSOD on nForce Audio Codec Start

By swordy
Apr 19, 2009
  1. Hi all,

    For seemingly no reason, my computer audio has shut off. Firstly, my headphones stopped working, bt the main speaker was fine, then after a restart, the speakers went.
    I used the Adjust Audio properties dialog to disable the nForce Audio Codecs, then on a reenable, the computer BSOD'ed. The only software updates I have recently downloaded were using Windows Update.
    Attached is the relevant dump file, can somebody please help me work this problem out?

  2. B00kWyrm

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    Hello Swordy...
    Welcome... You will be able to find the help you need here.

    First it would be helpful to have system specs...
    MB, Processor, Speed, Ram,
    OS, SP#, Audio Card (ETC)...

    It is dangerous to assume...
    so at this point let me just say that an initial look at the Dump points at the same issue you had already noted... the audio...

    After doing your windows update, did you also update your audio driver?
    After we have more information, "we" will be able to help you further.

    It might also help to zip and upload several minidumps (3 or 4), rather than only the last.
    I assume you are working from another computer, but since you got the one minidump, maybe you did that through safe mode?
    If so... try
    1. disabling your audio in safe mode,
    2. don't let Windows reinstall audio upon reboot...
    3. d/l and use Memtest, just in case it is a memory issue rather than a driver issue.
    4. Note any further bsod along the way.

    Some here like to use event viewer rather than the minidumps...
    so at some point you may be asked to look in that direction.

    I hope this gives a place to start.
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