Build a PC Bsod, restarts - please help

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I have a problem with a pretty old sistem: spontaneous restarts and BSODs.
I formatted and reinstalled the OS,
I tested the RAM with MEMTEST86(no problem),
I tested the HARD DISK(no problem),
I changed the IDE cable,
I changed the power supply(500w),
I changed the Video and the problem persists.

my sistem :
- amd sempron 1800+
- 512 MB RAM pc3200
- asus a7n8x
- nvidia nforce fx5200
- dvdrw teac
- hdd western digital 200gb

I forgot to mention that sometimes i receive the message :"Warning!cpu overspeed!" when BIOS performs the "system inventory" and sometimes my cpu figures "1150Mhz", altough sometimes my cpu figures "1800+".

I hope you can help me with some advices.Sorry for my bad english.


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Your motherboard is old. It might have some bulging capacitors around the CPU. Be prepared to buy a new motherboard, CPU, video card and memory... Or save for an entirely new computer
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the capacitors are OK. I tested the video card with 3d mark and no problem!
Yes it's old but this computer is used by my parents for microsoft office and browsing, so the don't need performance.


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Then replacing the motherboard is your only choice... or live with the problem until you can get another computer. If you have never seen bad capacitors on a motherboard, you will never know what a bad cap looks like. The Asus a7n8x was a great motherboard 5 years ago. It is also known to have bad caps at this age
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Thank you for your interest.I have seen bad capacitors on a MB, but mine doesn't have .I went to a local pc service and they told me that the MB is OK.
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