BSOD with Vista SP2 - Hooray for progress!

By Cuhulainn ยท 15 replies
Jun 10, 2009
  1. BSOD with Vista SP2 - UPDATE- computer will no longer POST!! HELP!

    I foolishly dove right in to SP2 as soon as Windows Update offered it, and have been blessed with 5 BSOD since doing so a few days ago. I had never gotten one in the nearly 3 years that my PC has been running (nearly 24/7/365.)

    Intel E6400 @ 7x400=2.8ghz
    Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
    4gb OCZ DDR2-800 XTC ram (2x1GB gold and 2x1GB platinum) all @ 5-5-5-14 @400mhz
    x1900 crossfire edition (just one though)
    FSP Group AX500-A 500W ATX12V Power Supply
    Vista Home Premium (SP2, obviously)

    Please help if possible. I do have Acronis, and can potentially revert back to last week and SP1, but if I can avoid it I will.

    Minidumps attached. Tried to read them myself but couldn't figure out what "symbols" were all about in the debugger. Thanks in advance!

    UPDATE 6/11/09:
    I set windows to not auto-reboot when a BSOD is thrown, and the first one I got (after about 5 minutes of playing Civ IV) was stop error 0x000000D1 Driver_IRQL_not_less_or_equal. So I shut it off, but now the d@mn thing won't post! Typing now on my laptop. Please help! I will disassemble and dust and reseat all components tomorrow, and hope for the best. Please provide any advice you may have!
  2. Cuhulainn

    Cuhulainn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That's 32 bit Vista, BTW.
  3. OLBY

    OLBY TS Enthusiast Posts: 81

    what is the bsod?
    i advice you to use xp,its the best
  4. Cuhulainn

    Cuhulainn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    As I mentioned, I uploaded the minidump as I'm not sure how to interpret the BSOD.

    I'm not at all interested in switching OS right now. I have had no problems with Vista in the 3 or so years I've been using it. I want to fix the problem I'm having, not just give up. Anyone have any actual advice for my problem?
  5. OLBY

    OLBY TS Enthusiast Posts: 81

    maybe ill know but i dont know what is the "bsod" thing
    tell me i may know, im trying to help you
    good luck
  6. Cuhulainn

    Cuhulainn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    You're telling me that you are patrolling the "BSOD Help and Support" forum trying to help people, but you don't know what BSOD is?! Or the wherewithal to google BSOD to find out? You may be well intentioned, but I don't think you can help me.

    Can anyone please check out the minidump files that I've uploaded? Or tell me how to load the symbols in Windows Debugger?
  7. OLBY

    OLBY TS Enthusiast Posts: 81

    you didnt understand what i mean, i meant that i maybe know that bsod thing but not in this name
    and as you like ill not help you
  8. OLBY

    OLBY TS Enthusiast Posts: 81

  9. Cuhulainn

    Cuhulainn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Please see updated first post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Spyder_1386

    Spyder_1386 TS Booster Posts: 498

    Hey there

    Ok, first things first ... Let's get you back into Windows. Are you able to boot in Safe Mode? Tap F8 continuously on start-up until the Safe Mode menu pops up. Try the option "Last known good configuration" as well.

    If this does not work, get your Windows CD and boot from CD first in BIOS. Press "R" to access the repair function and then do a "Chkdsk" to fix any errors on the Hard Disk.

    I haven't been able to take a look at the minidumps as yet as I've been really busy. If you can get back into Windows, we'll have made progress. You could always try reverting back to Service Pack 1 to see if the problem goes away. I'll check the dumps and see why SP2 caused the BSODs in the first place.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Spyder_1386 :)
  11. Cuhulainn

    Cuhulainn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, as I said, I can't even get it to POST (power on self-test) successfully. I press power and the fans spin up but no display, no nothing. I'm going to try dusting and reseating components after breakfast. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  12. Spyder_1386

    Spyder_1386 TS Booster Posts: 498

    WOOPS, my bad! .... Do you hear any beeps? Here's a beep code list if you do ..... ....

    Here's a NO POST guide as well .... ....

    Hopefully you'll get something valuable from there .... I'm suspecting something with the power supply or motherboard. The minidumps are pointless at this stage .... we need to get you into Windows before those can be of any help.

    Spyder_1386 :)
  13. Cuhulainn

    Cuhulainn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Success! I've managed to get back in to Windows. I tried system restore to go back, but keep getting an unspecified error message and it does not restore to previous restore point. Also, I apparently do not have any back ups in Acronis (WTH?!?!) so apparently I am going to have to figure out what the issue is. Anyone able to check out those minidumps??
  14. Cuhulainn

    Cuhulainn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Wow. this sucks. Now I tried using system restore to go back again, and it acted like it worked, but then wouldn't let me sign in to any of my profiles (The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded). Awesome!

    My acronis created so many incremental backups that it erased the original full back up (pretty smart back up software, eh?).

    So I wiped the drive that I was using to hold Acronis backups and am copying all my user folders and going to do a clean install of Vista. I have officially surrendered to the BSOD. :dead: I sure hope this fixes it. If anyone can look at the minidumps to tell me what the problem was that caused all this I'd sure appreciate it.

  15. OLBY

    OLBY TS Enthusiast Posts: 81

    an advice ,change your computer
  16. OLBY

    OLBY TS Enthusiast Posts: 81

    or at least the hard drive(or format it)
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