BT Business Hub - extension to Netgear Rangemax

By GilesEdLow
Nov 9, 2008
  1. The BT Business Hub is providing WiFi to a part of the hotel where I am working. I have bought 2 Netgear RangeMax wiireless routers with a view to extending the range via CAT5 cabling to other parts of the hotel.
    My problem is that I don't know what to configure to make it happen.
    The IP address of the BT hub is subnet mask
    default gateway for the server computer, which is attached to the BT hub is
    I can log on wirelessly to the RangeMax and make the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway anything I want.
    Can anyone tell me what I have to configure a) on the RangeMax and b) on the BT Business hub to make a guest in the far reaches of the hotel only log on to the wireless network that I decide (the one which doesn't give access to the hotel network drives!)

    Thanks in advance
  2. jobeard

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    I take it you have TWO access points and want only one to be used publicly.

    On the public AP, set an easy to recognize SSID and no encryption.

    On the private, set a different SSID, add encryption and consider not broadcasting
    the SSID.
  3. GilesEdLow

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    Thanks Jo.

    I have solved my first problem by unchecking the box which made my second wireless router a DHCP server. Now I have 2 wireless networks that access the Internet through the hotel server computer.
    What is now my concern is that guests in the hotel, having logged on, can access those folders that are marked as shared folders, which should be for hotel use only.
    In Windows XP it seems that you can't give certain users certain permissions, like you can in W2K and Vista.
    That is, unless you know differently?


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