Bugs and Kerio firewall

By Onus
Apr 8, 2007
  1. I tried to log onto bugzilla and check for information on a problem I was having with Showcase, an addon. It captures web pages. I can't understand what to do when I log on there. I also received an update in OpenOffice.org from within the program. But today when I logged on, my firewall settings had been changed. Also, EditPadLite is to the right (off screen).

    What do I do about settings being changed in programs, especially firewall programs?

    I took some screenshots of a file duplicate that caused a file extension to popup. I had deleted all duplicate files but 7 would not delete. So I individually deleted them. A windows media player file would not delete. I compared the files in Total Commander, one 'asx' file shows script --- (radia edit) does not look like a command (line 3). I opened the properties for the files and the 'wma' extension popped up into the explorer window (the extension were checked off to be hidden) so this is an error.

    Since this file does not delete, do the scans on this forum find this kind of error. or where should I take my computer problem? Look at the middle screen (window) the file "wmplayer.exe" is listing "scan", but there is no icon. This is really confusing? PS. All pictures are not hidden; I can't upload.
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