Build or buy my next pc, what's better now?

By foycur
Dec 17, 2008
  1. Several years ago, I built my own PC which has served me admirably. However, as the usefulness for my system wears thin, I realize it is time to upgrade to bigger and better things. When I built my system, AGP was all the rage, and Pentium 4 was the best you could buy. Of course, this has changed.

    While I understand the basics of PC building, I'm a bit intimidated by the new technologies out there. I'm sure with the right resources I could get up to speed quickly, but I'm also wondering if it would be cheaper to just flat out buy a system with the way the economy is currently...I can imagine systems might be cheap these days.
  2. martyr366

    martyr366 TS Rookie

    Only thing I can say is the Motherboard integrates most of what you added. As for case, power supply Monitor and drives, You might consider buying a system and doing an upgrade like changes if you feel inclined. I used to build systems for sale but along about the Pentium3 the manufactures started integration of video, network, sound,ect. Drove me out of business. If you really know what you want you probably can build a great system but you might also consider a Laptop. Everything in one small package.
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