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Building a gaming PC

By spidey2442 ยท 9 replies
Jan 12, 2006
  1. Is it possible to build a decent gaming PC for $500 dollars ?

    from scratch?

    not including the price of an OS, Monitor, Keydoard, Mouse, Speakers
  2. Cartz

    Cartz TS Rookie Posts: 82

    Pretty much no...

    You're looking at at least 700-800 bucks for an entry level system. If you had an optical drive and a hard drive to carry over and you only had to worry about central components, 500 bucks would be doable. But it wouldn't be a hot rig by any stretch...

    Basically you need

    PCI-E Mobo (Socket 939 or a comparable board from that 'other' company)
    1Gb of PC3200 (or greater)
    PCI-E Video Card (6600/X600 or greater)
    Entry Level Processor (Athlon 64 3000 or comparable)
    Thats gonna ring in around $500, maybe a bit more.

    You can price it on Newegg if you want, but I think thats around $500ish. You'd still need

    HDD (80Gb, 7200 RPM 8Mb Cache, or greater)
    Optical Drive (DVD required)
    Case/PSU (400W or greater, make sure it has good ventilation)
    120mm/80mm Fans for front and back of case
    $200-$300 (a bit more if you want a stlyish case)
  3. spartanslayer

    spartanslayer TS Rookie Posts: 377

  4. LipsOfVenom

    LipsOfVenom TS Rookie Posts: 160

    mmhmm..it's difficult with only $500...wats the popular games nowadays...COD and BF..a 6600 GT won't cut it on these...very laggy...there are $180 X800's on newegg though...so that's nice...1 gig of DDR2 RAM is only about $80 and CPU/motherboard combo's socket 939 are only $250 from tigerdirect.com so that's already more than $500
  5. flavin

    flavin TS Rookie Posts: 89

    well if he doesnt mind playing games on there minimums he could get a card lower than the 6 series. i have a 5700 le (70$) and it plays cod2 dx7 maxes and bf2 lows w/o anylag. but ur gonna need more than 500 especially if u dont have anything at all except that 500
  6. spidey2442

    spidey2442 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nah don't wanna play them at the minimum...

    Just have to put up more cash I guess...

    But a definite plus is I can use the HD out of this PC, and put the 40G HD I have laying around back in this one (Going to give this PC to my son)

    So I will still need :
    case/with power sup
    multiple fans
    DVD Drive
    Vid card
    1GB ram

    That about right?
    or did I forget anything?
  7. PaulWuzHere

    PaulWuzHere TS Guru Posts: 267

    This is my setup and I am happy with it. Now I won't be playing Fear on max settings but I play it on med with no lag and doom 3 on high with 40 fps.

    Amd Athlon 3000+ $130
    Nforce3 Mobo $57
    2 x 512MB DDR400 $70
    80GB HardDrive $60
    Case with 2 fans $45
    PSU 400watt $40
    DVD-RW $40
    Radeon 9600xt $65
    Now the Radeon 9600xt is a bit dated so you might want to put up another $80 or so for a 6600gt. I hope this helped.
  8. compres

    compres TS Rookie Posts: 30

    I can only say that if I were you I would save some extra money for a nice hard drive. A fast hard drive can improve loading times a lot.

    If your drive is at least 7200rpm and 8mb of buffer you should be ok. But basically dont underestimate the importance of a fast hard drive.
  9. PaulWuzHere

    PaulWuzHere TS Guru Posts: 267

    faster load times are great but i would perfer to be able to play a game on anything but lowest. but yes a faster hard driver like a 10,000 RPM Hard Driver would be very nice.
  10. Sean

    Sean TS Rookie Posts: 100

    Ironically, you dont need a 10k rpm drive to notice "considerable" performace changes in that system. Just stick with a good 7200rpm drive. No need to spend over 100$ for a 36 gb drive.
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