Burning error when making dvd's with nero rom

By jamielee
Nov 12, 2005
  1. Hey guys , i have a problem when i try to burn a dvd. Let me explain what the process i been told to do when burning a dvd.

    I currently hav nero 6.6 i open Nero startsmart then on the left hand said there are applications i then pick "nerovision express" i then pick Make DVD , then DVD Video , then add video file which then i add a movie file , the file is a .avi, once i have added the movie , i click next then when i get to the final option i then select "Write to hard disk folder" then select a folder on my desktop.
    ( Error1.jpg )

    Ok this then makes a VIDEO_TS folder , which i have been told is "dvd format"

    then i open up nero burning rom then select dvd from the drop down options , then dvd video then click new.

    Then i find the VIDEO_TS folder which express made before , then put the files from that folder into the VIDEO_TS folder on the blank dvd disk.
    ( Error2.jpg )

    then i click on the burn the current disk key on the top of the options.

    Then a window pops up which gives me the burn options i select the speed as 4x as i been told its the only speed i should burn a dvd , then click burn
    ( Error33.jpg )

    then i get this : Error4.jpg

    Now i wasted like 10 dvd-r disk's and i have asked all the ppl i know , but nothing has come of it :( if ANY 1 can help me with this i would be very thankful :)

    thanx for ur time
    Jamielee xx

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  2. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    the only thing I see is dvd's are not in avi format
    they are mpg2
    It could be the encoder setup is wrong
    I noticed the folder is in red
    my express does not show it in red ,shows as yellow.
    I will say this I have used this on a few movies and worked
    I always burn to hard drive to test the movie before burning to disc
    OK,but I basicly gave up on nero as there where a lot of failures.
    and encoding took forever ,please look up DVD-shrink
    and ulead movie factory there is a free encoder out there ah
    my best dvd movie creators are moviestudio and DVD-lab for authoring,--- this last has been at 99% effect
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