Buzzing in my headphones

By Hudozie
Oct 2, 2015
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  1. I have currently found a temp fix but I would like a better solution. I use Turtle Beach Z22 which has a 3.5mm jack for audio and a USB for power and mic. When they were plugged in I would hear a buzzing noise while gaming which never bothered me until I wanted to chat with other people and they could hear the noise as well. They heard a much louder buzz than me from what I gathered. I did some research. I tried unplugging the USB of other devices and no luck. Found out you can sometimes get feedback for USB power so I used an ac adapter with the USB and voilĂ  no more buzz. The mic didn't work obviously and that's what I did all that work for. I still had an old turtle beach amp from previous headphone setup so my current setup is as follows. Headphone USB connected to PC for power and mic. 3.5mm jack is plugged into Turtle Beach DSS2 audio jack. DSS2 USB connected to ac adapter for power and audio connected to PC via optical port. I would like a simple solution if its possible.

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