"C:\Drivers\Setpow.nec" Query

By No seriously
Jun 15, 2005
  1. Hi, I'm a newbie and know less about computers than most well trained house pets. My problem may not be a problem but hopefully one of You can answer this for me. When I boot up my AntiVirus always picks up a High Risk message pertaining to "C:\Drivers\Setpow.nec" and wants to know what I would like to do. I Just stop it Temporarily each time but this is really starting to wreck my head. What I'd like to know is, will deleting this script cause problems. I have an NEC DVD RWer, this may be entirely unrelated, but is this where the problem is? Because its not causing any problems at the moment. Or if deleting it would cause too much hassle can I correct the script so that I don't get this message every time I want to use my PC?
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