Call of Duty: Black Ops breaks first-day sales record


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Activision Blizzard has announced it has set a new record for the video game industry with Call of Duty: Black Ops. On its first day, the game sold about 5.6 million copies for $360 million.

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Being so close to Christmas, I hope Steam do some rebates on this game, 60 bucks is still too much for me...


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Yep in the UK its £39.99 on Steam and £34.99 in the supermarkets. If you ignore the single player campaign (I still haven't completed the single player of Cod:World at War or MW2) its a reskin of the multiplayer with some tweaks, same server system as last time and the next reason to sell 5 maps for £12 in about 6 months time or less.

I dissapprove of their sales model and the game needs a reduction before I spend on it.


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That's a lot of copies sold. The game is getting very good reviews. It's also one of the most popular online competitive multiplayer games. I think was bound to do well but this is quite the record.


From what I've been seeing on user reviews it's pretty good but not at good as COD MW2


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I never got into the COD series, but good to hear it's doing so well. I think I'd have to rent/borrow before I'd be ready to spend 60 on it though. I have a lot of good games already.


This game rocks guys. All of you wondering how it stacks up to MW2 will not be dissappointed. The overall graphics/feel of the game is identical to me, and the upgraded weapons and all the customization you can do make it much better than MW2... IMHO that is...


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just what i wanted to hear....imo no doubt COD black ops is the best in the series for me and treyarch never disappoint me u know....the only little downside for me is the computer AI but overall the game deserves no less than a 9.0 rating.....i say its a 9.5 for me.


It is incredible how they released a game with so high expected sales with the stuttering bug on the pc.


The CoD name has become a franchise with the only purpose of making money. CoD has turned away form what it used to be. It has lost it's roots on PC. CoD got started on PC and now it is being aimed at consoles. They dumb down the graphics and the controls are limited just to make it easier to play on consoles. I will NEVER buy another activision or Treyarch game. CoD4 was the last good CoD game IMO.


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Yea,Black Ops single player campaign was awesome, the voice acting FTW.But the game control same as MW2, in my opinion the control on MOH is a bit better.The engine is the same as in MW2.If i had to chose between BOps and MOH, i don't know....tough choice,but inclined to go with BOps for the multiplayer


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Guest said:
As Pc game it sucks to play..I want my MONEY BCK !!!!!
Could you be more specific? I am going to pick up this game for the xbox - I think it's going to be hard to beat MW2, that game was amazing!


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Sorry but Black Ops simply isn't a great game. It's barely good. The best part is the zombies for the humor. Other wise it doesn't look as good as mw2 and it plays exactly like it, with...different skins.


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If you read the steam forums you know tryarch has once again shown how piss poor their game development skills are. It's not even because of porting. They simply have a low level of skill when it comes to game development. The performance issues in singleplayer are staggering, it looks like a mix between MoH and TF2 graphics and the storyline might as well be a james bond story.


The sheep follow for the next generation of the emperors new clothes. How was MW2 good ? Seriously. This is how I look at games of today. They are all overpriced, always have been always will be. Anyone who says, "its well worth the £40 price tag" is an *****, Platinum games or classic prove that they still make money when the games at £18 or less.

So these games have single player and multiplayer value. Really? Firstly I hear most people say who cares about single player, its all about the multiplayer. Well back to my price point. You're willing to pay over twice the price even when half the game is considered rubbish. And those of you who are going to say that MW2's single player story was any good... oh please. The ruskies in the US, give me a break. Was it a hommage to Patrick Swayze to take Red Dawn and make it a mass war game.

I was told if this is the game everyones playing, you have to have it too. Again with the sheep attitude. By whilst popular so there are plenty of players to play with. Great. But what if the game sucks. You cant trust the sheeple to give you a decent review. They just wasted £40 on it. You cant trust their judgement. Sure the odd guy will be so hacked off with problems he will lay the smack down in rage. But a majority of todays mediasoaked muppets will defend the spending of theirs or mum and dads hard earned cash. Maybe they honestly believe its great, but Im sure its usually to save face. Turning up to work or the playground and outcasting oneself by saying its crap.

When the price isnt stupid for something that could be nothing more than hype...


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Bought this yesturday its by far the worst Call of Duty ever made.

Its a good game but it should not be called COD I see it more like Counter Strike Black Ops. The game play is too arcade and The SOUND of the guns is just terrible compared to MW and MW2


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Cueto_99 said:
Being so close to Christmas, I hope Steam do some rebates on this game, 60 bucks is still too much for me...

$60!...I only wish. Remember that the AUD and the USD are at parity at the moment. Here in Oz, COD BO costs $90....stop your whinging mate.

I bought this game two nights ago, had a hell of a time installing it (steams fault again). But I am loving it.


I have to say that I have played the hell out of Dead ops as well. Something about shooting massive hordes of zombies is just mind numbingly fun XD

If you have the computer version you can get to this mode at the launch screen. While your guy is in the chair, look down at your hands. Press the space bar until he breaks out. You can then run around behind him and there is a computer that you can log into. Type DOA and hit enter. You will get a splash screen that you have to wait for, and then the game will load after a minute. FUN FUN FUN!