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By mapale
Oct 9, 2007
  1. When using the wizard to import photos into My Pics one of the options is to choose the destination. Over some time I have created a lot of destinations which I wish to delete from the drop down list. I have now settled on a system that works well and I want to get rid of the others. I have tried all sorts of ways to delete them but to no avail. Has anyone got any ideas on this?
  2. gbhall

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    precisely what software are you using to import photos? Software will usually save defaults like this in either the registry or a configuration file in the directory from which the software runs.

    As an example, if you run regedit32 and do a 'find' for one of your more obscure (i.e. non-standard) destinations, you may certainly turn up one or more places in the registry referring to it. Note the destination may be in 'long' format or 'dos' format. Test both formats in your search. For example you might search for c:\mypics\lovely holidays, and the dos version of that might be c:\mypics\lovely~1.

    If these destinations are in the registry, then right next to them will be all the others, and you can simply delete what you don't want.

    If the destinations are not in the registry, and you are using a non-MS package, then uninstalling that package plus deleting the original directory it was installed in (if necessary) will put you back to square one and you can re-save a few things to your required destinations only.
  3. mapale

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    Thank you for that I tried to run regedit32 and the system came back with "unable to find"
    The Scanner and Camera wizard I use is part of Windows XP. It is not something I have installed. It loads photos into My Pictures and comes into operation when I plug the camera memory card into a card reader.
  4. gbhall

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    Sorry, on XP it is regedit again. You need to have administrator rights and ability to see system programmes to run regedit. If you don't know about that, then best leave alone.

    If you want to just look, then search as I said, but don't change anything. You might get lucky at
    HKCU/software/windows/current version/explorer/shell folders/something else or
    HKCU/software/windows/current version/explorer/user shell folders/new or similar.

    I note these come up several times, and I don't have time to research which might work. Sorry.
    Maybe someone else can suggest a simple answer?
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