Can all-in-ones be used without a computer?

By Squished Ant
Jul 11, 2007
  1. Is there such a thing as a truly standalone scanner, or all-in-one scanner/printer/copier? I want to scan original art but instead of scanning the file directly to a computer application I want to save the raw scan file on an SD card so that I can use the scanner away from my computer. I thought that the currently popular all-in-ones would do this, but after a little reality checking I found they apparently don't work this way. Everyone tells me all-in-ones will work only by connecting them to a computer (which makes me not see a lot of advantage in them).

    Barring SD card output, maybe I can use an all-in-one as a copier to copy the art, and at least make direct prints of it...although I would be concerned about the quality involved.

    Can anyone advise me if, indeed, there is a way (unbeknownst to big-box store sales clerks) that I could use an all-in-one straight out of the box at the South Pole, saving scan files to an SD card?
  2. w0lf

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    To my knowledge, the scenario you have mentioned is impossible. All in one's etc. can print without a pc, but I've never heard of one that can save scans to memory card- without a pc. It would require a bit of setting up (ie. possibly hanging the art on a well-lit wall, and using a tripod to centre the camera nicely), but your simplest solution is probably just to get yourself a new 10 or 12 mega-pixel digital camera, and take nice high-res raw photo's of the art.
  3. rusta

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    Yes some can, I think

    I just picked up an Epson RX580 and I think it will do what you want. The reason I got it, is to print on cd/dvds. It will print from a memory card and scan to a memory card without pc. That's what the manual says anyway.
    Here is a link to manuals.
  4. SNGX1275

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    I have an Epson CX4600 and you can toss something on the scanner and hit the copy button and it will spit out a copy of it in color or black and white. So in that way it works just like a copier, you can even tell it how many copies you want. I do not know of any way to scan it to a file on an multimedia card though.

    Also, if you have the pictures on an SD card, or whatever (it will accept a bunch of different types) you can print any of those that are on the card. Same with my mom's HP.
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