Can anyone show me how to disable onboard sound card

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Sep 6, 2008
  1. Hello all
    I'm Suzy, I dont know much bout PC, soft or hardware. Recently I just bought Creative Xtreem Audio. However, I discovered that the old sound card is intergrated w the ATI motherboard. When I check on Device Manager the current audio card is ((realtek ac97 audio driver)) . Does anyone know how to disable this audio card in order to install the X-Fi card

    Thanks a lot
  2. heythere!

    heythere! TS Rookie

    Can you pull it out? Or it's onboard? If so, go in BIOS and disable it, or there may be a jumper on the board to do so.
  3. RiSki

    RiSki TS Rookie

    Evening Suzy...I'm new here so take what I say with a grain of salt.

    It would really help anyone help you if you could provide a little more info, especially on the motherboard you have. Check out this post by searching for how to include your System specs and using Everest or SIW:

    A message for all newcomers

    This way we can search your mobo maker and find the route to disable the onboard sound in your Bios, etc.


    PS: Sorry I couldn't include the link, but I'm new and short on posts :(
  4. nickc

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    Also, it would be good if u went in u're profile and put it there, once in place, there is a link to set it where it will appear when u post. this way it will be there for anyone to see.
  5. xutech

    xutech TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks all

    Finally, I got the new sound card worked,

    First, I disabled the onboard sound card in BIOS. However when I put the Installation CD to run. It freezes at 10%. Don't know why?

    Then I installed the software through " Found New Hardware" when i first start my computer. Now I got Xtreem Audio sound card on Device Manager. Since I can't install software from the CD, I'll try to download the software from Creative Website.

    Thanks for all of yr advise :wave:
  6. heythere!

    heythere! TS Rookie

    So my post actually helped you!?:)
  7. RiSki

    RiSki TS Rookie

    Congrats Suzy...Happy trails to you :)
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